A New Flame

You heard the news… I’m in frankfurt!!! Ahhh I love it. So many emotions rn, I can’t quite wrap my head around it yet but I think this will be a good fresh start. It’s already been soooo nice to be in the hub of everything, My companion is Sister Griffin, she is from New Zealand and is a whole lot different than Sister Yeck lolol. I can’t quite describe her yet- Pretty serious, stubborn !!!, but so sweet.
Im feeling better, for sure. I got the transfer call and sis Yeck and I were SO sure I was staying, but we filmed the call just in case ( our ONE alternative was that I would come to Frankfurt international and be comps with sis Griffin), aaaaand sure enough! It didn’t seem real, I started sobbing, the AP didn’t know what to do hahaha. it was bad. ( later he would make me send him the video, lol BYE)
Saying bye to the ward was harder than I ever imagined, and I’m missing Leonie’s baptism:( but I got to go to our last lesson with them and it was incredible. It was on the word of wisdom of all things, which their mom especially has been struggling with, and I have never felt the spirit so strong in a lesson. I just flat out told how I know that it’s not easy to follow but that there really ARE physical and spiritual blessings that come from living this commandment. Their dad was darling, he was all “who would’ve thought at the beginning of this year that MY family would be reading and praying every day, Leonie would be getting baptized, heck that we’d still be married???” Love that fam. I feel sooo lucky I got to meet them. Our cute ward mission leaders want us to stay at their little tiny house when I come back to visit :’) I love Erlangen so much.
Now… Frankfurt! This place is huge! We’re right in the hub of everything and I love it, mostly! Still adjusting to the new comp, trying not to think about how high maintenence she probably thinks I am ! (:

Basically, I love you guys, sooooo so much. And I have no doubt that you’re praying for me because I know I could never do this on my own. I love this gospel, and our savior, more than anything in the world.
Love you all and hopefully I’ll hear from ya soon!!!

All my love,,,

Sister Anderson




Sister Ash

This has been quite a week. For starters, on Friday we had a lesson with Sunny. And he had a TON of questions, all super deep, which is great, but he’s telling us that he’s getting answers from meditating but doesn’t know if they’re coming from God. Anyway, I suddenly remember this Neal A. Maxwell quote about how in the economy of heaven, God won’t individually reveal to us what he’s already said in the scriptures. And I look over and sis Yeck has the SAME talk pulled up, that she had studied that morning??? Coolest moment.

Then the other day we had an appt fall out and we were so bummed, and as we were coming back we saw this huge pink apt building and we both feel like we should door it. The very first one we tried was this super funny guy (also from India) named Arulsamy. He was way interested, so last night we had a lesson with him and brought president Aurus’ wife, Andrea, and had the BEST lesson!!!!! The spirit was so strong and he committed to read in the BOM before a our next lesson. Safa is doing good, we had her over for FHE again this week. She is dreading transfers, as are we :((( We will find out on Tuesday about transfers.

I love the savior. I love our heavenly father and I know this plan is all real!

All my love,

Sister Ash


More Good Times in Erlangen!

Hello, hello! Greetings from Germany! This week was again, so fast. Holy cow. It was cold starting out, but warmed up finally yesterday and was BEAUTIFUL so I cannot complain there ! Good times were had this week. The Templetons in our ward (young American fam, Ashleys family) finally got to move out of their hotel and into a brand new huge apartment! They were so pumped and asked if we would help them with the kids/unpacking and everything, so we did that for a while on Friday and it was sooo fun- She made us dinner and we had a good time speaking English and unpacking, it was just us and their little fam, we felt like we were playing house! we gave a quick restoration lesson, it was a good day. πŸ™‚

On Saturday we went out to this town called Dechstendorf to go finding/dooring and holy cow, literally park City/Provo Canyon. I should’ve taken more/any pics there but wow it was the coolest place ever, so warm, trails all over the places and seriously the coolest little houses. But, we got out there and both of us pretty soon just felt like it wasn’t where we should be, and that we needed to go back to Erlangen. So we headed back, and on the bus ended up meeting the sweetest little Indian family ever that was totally interested and so darling so that was a good day after all:)) weird how that goes sometimes.

We taught some good lessons, some not as good ones hahah. Hard with people who are just curious and not interested in really finding an answer. But we did have a lesson with Leoni last night, and the whole family was there again and it went SO good! We taught the restoration and made a cute lil chart for them to track their prayer and scriptures this week. Cutest fam in the world, and I’m so excited for them.

Well, I love you all tons and hope you’re all doing good!! Email me anytime, I love hearing about everything!! Everyone have a fab weekend, and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

All my luv,,,,,,,

Sister Anderson :)))



3 Months!!!

Hello all!!
This week was insanely fast, again. Geez. Time is cruising and I can’t quite believe it- I hit my three month mark on Monday and it feels like I got here yesterday. WEIRD. It was rainy and freezing and humid basically the whole week, and we did a ton of finding buuuut we had a good time. Not to mention we saw some serious miracles. :’)
Probably the highlight of my week though was last night. There is this cute little fam in our ward and they’re newly active, and they have a 10 yr old girl that isn’t baptized. Anyway we had a lesson with their family last night and it went SO good. Sometimes their 3 little kids are a little crazy, but literally the spirit was there so strong and they all just listened and were absolutely darling. Anyway, she was so excited and we have a baptismal date set for June 3!!!!!!! SUCH a good night.
Also this girl from Iraq that we couldn’t teach because she was in a Refugee camp ran unto us this week and told us that her fam got chosen to get a HOUSE! It was a crazy miracle and they were soo excited to tell us. They are a darling family and we are so pumped.
Well l, hope you’re all doing good, and I looove hearing from ya! Email me all u want, there’s nothing better :))) let me know if I can do anything for u guys! Also, it’s almost mothers day !!!!!!! Ahhhhhh can’t believe it. Time is flyin. But holy cow, I love Erlangen and I love bein a missionary!!!

Have a great week, and know that I love you all! The church is true and mission’s are 10/10!!!

all my luv from Deutschland,,,,,,

Sister Anderson πŸ™‚
1. Bridge pic yesterday! Fun fact: here I’m wearing 5 layers and foot/hand warmers and 2 pr of tights aaaaand it’s May. Also in this pic I’m packing around a little hot schnitzel in my bag from a member appt they insisted we take right before hahaha. Noooow I realize why I got attacked by a dog right after
2. Another day, another bridge!
3. Only a small part of our fruit tea collection lolol. These things are insane good.


Hallo from the Missionaren!

Another crazy fast week, holy cowww. Still rainy and cold for the most part but we saw a little sun! We had stake conference this weekend and Elder Sabin from our area presidency came, and they were incredible. (The one who spoke in conference about the scout not wanting to unroll his sleeping bag.) The adult session was Saturday at our church in Erlangen, so afterwards President stayed and we had our interviews w/him, and got our PACKAGES!!! AHH best day ever. Thank you thank you!!! :)) Sunday was about 45 minutes away in Bamberg. One of the ward mission leaders in Bamberg had legit 5000 cards made to pass out to advertise this thing, so we had gone up there on Friday and walked around the whooole city passing them out hahaha. Who knows if it worked, but they had it in a huge concert hall, and the whole thing was full, and translated to English so that was nice.

Monday we met with our new District for the first time which was fab, then went to Herzogen Aurach for the day (where Adidas HQ is). Lately we have been teaching a ton of men which is great, but have been really praying to find a woman to teach. We got to Herzo and there weren’t a ton of people out but we ran into these girls on the street and I start talking to them in German and they’re like “aaah sorry we only speak English!” And I’m like SAME. They’re from Canada and are here working for a year and are SO darling. We have an apt with them this week and I could not be more pumped. And we met a cute girl from China who is a potential now, as well as this darling girl on the way home, she’s from Iraq, she and her mom came to the church last night for English class, and want to come to church Sunday! Anyway, prayers were definitely answered this week! Hopefully now these actually go somewhere haha. Pray for us!

OK yesterday, cutest thing. We had been talking about member involvement in our studies, and me and sis Yeck read the story about Gma and Gpa Shelline from Richard Peterson’s book, and so I had already been thinking about both of them a lot. Then we had a lunch with the cutest couple so we decided we’d share it with them. They’re a little older, so cute. We had lunch and Eis (ice cream) and shared a little thought about member missionary work and we had this awesome discussion about members’ examples, and they told us they’re starting their mission papers!! Anyway we’re leaving and what does he give us? a SHOE HORN. :’) Germans love those things, and he just died when he heard we didn’t have our own. Anyway the whole thing made me think of Gpa soooo much, it was so neat. :)) good day, for sure.

I hope you’re all doing good! If there’s anything else you’re dying to know…. ask away! I never know what to write about lol. But things are soo good in Erlangen and I really do love bein ein Missionaren πŸ™‚

Love you all, the church is true!!!!!!!!

Good read if you have time: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/1993/10/the-lords-wind?lang=eng#p30
1) Cool church in Herzogen
2) Bus stop on our one day of sunshine πŸ™‚



Easter, Snow, Baptisms!

Family!! Hi! How is everyone??? Wow so much this week hahaha. It was so fun to hear from some πŸ˜‰ of you this week, I hope everyone is doin good.

Ok, the big news this week…. Sunny is GETAUFT! (baptized!!) Saturday was incredible, holy cow. The spirit was sooo strong, he was so happy. The baptisim was at our stake center out in Nurmburg but a ton of members still showed up which was so good. The program was in English, but the whole thing was translated. We made swig & choc chip cookies, the ward brought tons of food and wanted to just stay and chat with him forever so we got some good translating practice. :)) But the whole day, he was just beaming. Sunday (Easter!) he was confirmed in sacrament meeting, and it was so sweet bc he asked elder Draper to do it, and it was his last sunday before he went home. The spirit was SO strong. Afterwards he even got invited to a meal appointment with a member family :)) The ward really likes him (which is unusual bc our ward is all german and all pretty old). Anyway. It went so good, and we have our first Neubekehr lesson with him tonight!. Exciting times.

Ok, so I learned anything this week it is that Germans do noooot mess around with their holidays. They literally celebrate Easter from Friday through Monday- not like, taking work off for Good Friday, but like, life SHUTS DOWN. Nothinggg is open, no one is outside, and they are legit angry if you try to bug them at home/call them/talk to them. Gotta love it. But we’ve done a lot of finding this week, and its been fun! We found the sweetest muslim family in the world yesterday and they invited us in and we taught the whole Restoration lesson and are going back this week. I love our area, its so huge, so pretty.
I cant believe our first transfer is over, time has seriously FLOWN. Elder Draper went home so we now have a new elder in our ward and hes brand new! I was in the MTC w/him for a couple days. He got here yesterday so Im no longer the greenie in the ward lol. Yay! Only complaint is that its winter again hahaha but hopefully that doesnt last long. Anyway, sorry this email is so all over the place! Life is so good out here. I stinking love being a missionary! Everyone have a great day and week and email me as much as u want!!!!!!!!! Love you all!

Sister Ash

1: Baptism: Andy (member from Erlangen ward) and Sunny.
2: Sis. Peterson (Dallon Peterson’s cousin :))
3: Last DDM of the transfer


Hi From Erlangen

Family!!!!! How are you all???
This week was so good! Thursday we had the chastity lesson with Sunny, and it went good! Hahaha he is pretty quiet and gets uncomfy with like, anything so we made it pretty quick. His baptism is on Saturday! We are so excited. Its been a crazy week trying to put his baptism together, it’s spring break this week so NO ONE is here/going to be here, and Sunny speaks like zero german, and didnt really have any preference who did anything for the program (luckily lol) and our GML (ward mish leaders) the Zinks (more on them later hahaha- funniest little couple ever) are out of town for 3 weeks. So we’ve been madly trying to find English speaking members that will be around to fill the program, and we finally did it! Im playing the piano, and pullin out the ol “Ill go where you want me to Go” for the musical number hahaha. Tonight is his interview, then well be good to go. Stay tuned!! mainly, PRAY.
Saturday was awesome, we had a street display and it was SO good. We’ve helped other areas with theirs before, but this time was so fun bc it was in our area. It was sunny, there were a ton of people out shopping and eating ice cream, and we set up a ton of appts from it! Basically we just chase people down and show them the Easter vid, ask them questions, get their phone numbers. it’s great. Weve already taught a few really good lessons from people we met out there. And I talked to a ton of cool Indians, that always makes me so happy hahaha. Were teaching these two way cool middle eastern guys, one german one english. More on them hopefully this week.
Honestly I think the hardest thing this week has been just kind of feeling like I don’t contribute anything to my companionship. Yesterday I was just so down, I feel like I want to do more, but Its so hard in lessons and on the street to know what anyone is saying, let alone what to say back, how to phrase it. And that I dont know the members very well still, dont know which buses go where, things like that. I feel bad that Sister Yeck has to do so much. She is so patient and sweet and fun and I literally love her. I just feel bad, I depend on her SO much. But i guess its good, its humbling me, a LOOOT. and pushing me to learn the language haaa. Just frustrating. 😦
Really though, I love it here. and I have NO doubt that this is where I am supposed to be serving!!! I am happier than I ever thought I could be, this month has flown by. People are like “the days are long, the weeks are short” something like that, im like NOPE its all short hahaha. anyway. I literally love it here.
Well, I miss you all so much! I hope youre all doing good, I LOVE hearing from you! So email me all the time! Short, long, spiritual, funny, I dont even care a little bit!!!!!!!!
Just know that I LOVE and pray for you all all the time. The church is true!!!!!

ALL my love from Deutschland!!!!
Sister Ash
1. pretty trails! the best for finding :))
2. we always say how we want to go out for a real sit down dinner, so we were out finding by the Adidas HQ, saw this italian place and we WENT FOR IT. this is me spending too much money on fish and mineralwasser. (Dad ur salmon is way better) but we had a good time πŸ™‚
3. our church πŸ™‚


Anotha One Down!!

Hallo! How was everyone’s week?? It sounds like it was a killer #springbreak for everyone!!! How did y’all like conference??? They broadcast it to the church in German in the chapel, English in the RS room, some members were there but mostly they just watch it at home haha. We switched off between english and german with the members but ended up watching it mostly in English with the other missionaries haha. SO many good talks!!!! I loved the first talk from the womens session about “leaning not” to our own understanding, and staying centered in Christ. I also loved Elder Rasbands talk about following the FIRST promptings of the spirit, I felt he was talking directly to a certain missionary who is a little bit scared some days to open her mouth and speak a language she doesnt know to strangers on a bus !!! But overall the spirit was just so strong through the whole thing, and it was such a cool experience knowing that you were all watching it at the same time. My bucket is full. πŸ™‚

Sunny had a final on Tuesday that he had to study for, but he watched some of it from home and looved it, especially the music πŸ™‚ hes doing way good, pretty stressed w/finals but pumped for the baptism. This week we taught him about tithing/fasting, and it went really good! We have this way cool trendy guy named Jerome in our ward that just got home from his mish in Italy- super nice, perfect english- so we brought him to our last lesson with Sunny and they totally hit it off and it helped so much to have him there. So we’re excited that hes making some wardie friends! Tonight we are teaching him the law of Chastity !! Not too worried, but pray 4 us anyway hahaha.

Funny German things !
– they dont kill bugs, and talking about guns/killing animals/hunting/anything is like totally taboo
-they dont make beds like normal! they have the fitted sheet, and a quilt that u just fold in half on the bed sideways. kinda nice haha.
-they eat cough drops like candy, literally

Sorry, I’ll think of better stuff next week lolol. but otherwise, Germany is RAD.

ok this email is all over the place, but I love you all so much! I hope everyone is doing good, email me anytime, I LOVE hearing from u all!!!
have a fab week!!!

ALL my love!
Sister Anderson


“You say it best when you say nothing at all” -@my German

AY how is everyone???????? Thanks for all your emails, they literally made my week!!! Send those anytime, there is truly nothing better than getting to the church/wifi somewhere and having notifications hahaha. So thanks for your love!!!!!!

This week was beautiful, it has been so warm and sunny this week which has rocked my world. Also Germany has daylight savings apparently, and that was Monday. who knew! My comp and I both have like, Pnemonia hahaha we sound awful but besides that life is good over here! AND to top it all off, we played soccer for pday!! (see vid)

Sunny: doing great. He’s coming to conf this weekend, and is so excited for his baptism. We’re trying to help him make some more friends in the ward, but it’s kind of hard where so few people speak English. But he goes to Institute and loves that. Also the CUTEST American fam moved into the ward this week, they have two young kids and their little girl is named Ashley!!! I sat by her on Sunday and told her that was my name and now we are pals haha. she is seriously darling. Ill send pics next week. We had some way fun member appts this week, including TACOS with a cool fam from the ward (Mexican food is not easy to come by here). We also met with a lady that was baptized recently and she invited her two refugee neighbors from Iran that had SO many questions and were so cool!!! We gave them the restoration lesson and it was great. We had some good lessons in German, given mostly by Sis Yeck but I tried my hardest haha. Lots of finding, which I am actually getting bettter at! Any sunny day we have we WORK the huge park/Botanical Gardens right by us and its great. Lots of college students, most of them will talk to us, its awesome. BUT its hard bc theyre way interested, ask questions, take a BOM, and theyre like “oh im in the middle of finals and then im moving”. DANG. but we’re working hard and things are good.

Other fun things this week:
-first zone conference! SO fun, got me PUMPED for the new Easter Initiative!!! 10/10 day.
-While we’re not technically biking sisters (we’re walk/bus/bahn sisters) this week we got my bike fixed and tomorrow we’re buying one 4 sis Yeck and THEN we can be bike-the-h*ck-through-Erlangen sisters!!! whooo!
-Taught Seminary in german! About Stephen/Saul! Yeah i dont think they got much out of that day, but also there were only 3 of them there. so the damage was minimal.
-Taught an English class for some ward members. way good.
-Helped put on a member-mission-conf thing for all the Ward Mission Leaders in the stake/stake pres/Mish pres put on by our ward mission leader on Saturday which was cool. Apparently the last *German FAMILY* to be baptized together was like 40 years ago. Sis Yeck and I are comitted to breaking that streak hahaha so now EVERY single mom with a stroller, kids, anything, we like chase down hahaha. I’ll keep you posted there
-Germany is beautiful and I am in LOVE with it here. my pics dont do it justice but literally I am in love with this place and these people!!!!

This email got really long, sorry! But I LOVE and MISS you all and looooove hearing from you! email me anytime! pics, stories, I love it all, and if you stop and ask yourself if its too soon to email again? the answer is no πŸ™‚

Have a great week, email me if youre around, but know Im thinking of and praying for you all!!

Sister Anderson πŸ™‚

Fusbal candid with some of our district

Post German-Seminary haha

Blurry pic taken from a bus somewhere

Back porch selfie ft. my new skirt hahaha!

Wore through a jumprope hahahaha OOPS
5: IMG_2199P324032520170325_184129P3270343IMG_2192

Politzei and Sunny!!!

Family! Hello!!!!! How is everyone???? K first of all everyones weekly stats killed me hahaha. Keep those a comin, any time u want. Ill see what i can do for mine !:

% of words I understood: <15
Times I almost peed my pants bc Europe has no bathrooms: 3+
Exchanges: 1 (I spent the night in Nuremburg with our STL sis Marchant and it was sooo fun!!!!!!!!)
Doors knocked: tons
Had the cops called on us: yes :))
Rained: lots
native Germans who want to talk to us: 1/10,000
Muslims who want to talk to us: idk but more than the germans ! πŸ˜‰
Coke zero: 6+ liters
Member meals: 2 and they were SO good
BAPTISMAL DATES SET: 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, Sunny our amazing investigator has a baptismal date set for the day before Easter, April 15th!!! We are so pumped, he is the coolest. We had our lesson with him last week and we brought this cool member named Andy who is around the same age (20s) and he told his conversion story at the end. And right when he finished and we were about to extend the invitation, Sunny is like, “So, when can I be baptized..?” it was great. AND for the first time ever, he stayed for all three hours of church on sunday! He is so excited and we are equally stoked. So keep him in your prayers and I will keep you posted there :))

Sunday was great, I bore my testimony/introducced myself in sacrament mtg and it went really good, i think lol. The ward is way nice, even if they are so hard to understand πŸ™‚ afterwards we had the BEST member meal with the Bruder family. Theyre prob in their fifties, but they live in the prettiest little woodsy house. He’s a high up in Siemens, the big company that like everyone in the ward works for here lol. But they made us amazingggggg homemade pizza, and we had a good lesson with them afterwards. Turns out he is the Patriarch and she is the stake RS president. Not bad. Anyway, best sunday. Tuesday night I went on an exchange with our STL sis Marchant and we had a way good time, we did some serious finding and had a blast, as well as another way fun lunch with a cute young member couple- he is the stake YM pres so we had fun comparing ur callings @ mom πŸ˜‰

k STORY time- on sunday we had this kind of crazy lady from the ward come up to us saying that she wanted to go finding with us this week. So we’re like…. ok sure. So we go out, its freezing, rainy, no one is really home lol. And anytime someone is, she like, screams at them lol. we were quite the sight I have no doubt. anyway, this lady sees us out the window and yells something at us, so we skip her and go to her neighbors. It ends up being this old guy in a bathrobe, and we can literally see the smoke in his apt its so strong. Buuut he invites us in! So were in there chatting annnnd…. the police show up πŸ™‚ Apparently the lady called the cops (Politzei) on us hahaha. But our guy vouched for us and they left, and the elders have a follow up apt with him next week. So weird hahaha.

So much has happened this week hahah its hard to get it all down, so I apologize. If u have quesstions, ask away;) But I seriously love it here, and it has been such a fun week. I love sister Yeck and honestly there is no place I would rather be! If youre around I would loooove to hear from you all. Send pics, send stories, everything! Otherwise, have a great week, email me whenever, and know that I am thinking of and praying for all you guys, all the time!!!!!!!!!!!

Love u all sooo much!!!

Sister Anderson πŸ™‚

1. christmas tree farm!
2. view from the Nuremburg sisters apt
3. walking 40 min to get our bikes fixed and the tire falls off hahaha.
4. sis Green bringing us more Dew at District Mtg :’) (yes thats a 24 pack)
5. rain!/exchanges