A New Flame

You heard the news… I’m in frankfurt!!! Ahhh I love it. So many emotions rn, I can’t quite wrap my head around it yet but I think this will be a good fresh start. It’s already been soooo nice to be in the hub of everything, My companion is Sister Griffin, she is from New Zealand and is a whole lot different than Sister Yeck lolol. I can’t quite describe her yet- Pretty serious, stubborn !!!, but so sweet.
Im feeling better, for sure. I got the transfer call and sis Yeck and I were SO sure I was staying, but we filmed the call just in case ( our ONE alternative was that I would come to Frankfurt international and be comps with sis Griffin), aaaaand sure enough! It didn’t seem real, I started sobbing, the AP didn’t know what to do hahaha. it was bad. ( later he would make me send him the video, lol BYE)
Saying bye to the ward was harder than I ever imagined, and I’m missing Leonie’s baptism:( but I got to go to our last lesson with them and it was incredible. It was on the word of wisdom of all things, which their mom especially has been struggling with, and I have never felt the spirit so strong in a lesson. I just flat out told how I know that it’s not easy to follow but that there really ARE physical and spiritual blessings that come from living this commandment. Their dad was darling, he was all “who would’ve thought at the beginning of this year that MY family would be reading and praying every day, Leonie would be getting baptized, heck that we’d still be married???” Love that fam. I feel sooo lucky I got to meet them. Our cute ward mission leaders want us to stay at their little tiny house when I come back to visit :’) I love Erlangen so much.
Now… Frankfurt! This place is huge! We’re right in the hub of everything and I love it, mostly! Still adjusting to the new comp, trying not to think about how high maintenence she probably thinks I am ! (:

Basically, I love you guys, sooooo so much. And I have no doubt that you’re praying for me because I know I could never do this on my own. I love this gospel, and our savior, more than anything in the world.
Love you all and hopefully I’ll hear from ya soon!!!

All my love,,,

Sister Anderson