3 Months!!!

Hello all!!
This week was insanely fast, again. Geez. Time is cruising and I can’t quite believe it- I hit my three month mark on Monday and it feels like I got here yesterday. WEIRD. It was rainy and freezing and humid basically the whole week, and we did a ton of finding buuuut we had a good time. Not to mention we saw some serious miracles. :’)
Probably the highlight of my week though was last night. There is this cute little fam in our ward and they’re newly active, and they have a 10 yr old girl that isn’t baptized. Anyway we had a lesson with their family last night and it went SO good. Sometimes their 3 little kids are a little crazy, but literally the spirit was there so strong and they all just listened and were absolutely darling. Anyway, she was so excited and we have a baptismal date set for June 3!!!!!!! SUCH a good night.
Also this girl from Iraq that we couldn’t teach because she was in a Refugee camp ran unto us this week and told us that her fam got chosen to get a HOUSE! It was a crazy miracle and they were soo excited to tell us. They are a darling family and we are so pumped.
Well l, hope you’re all doing good, and I looove hearing from ya! Email me all u want, there’s nothing better :))) let me know if I can do anything for u guys! Also, it’s almost mothers day !!!!!!! Ahhhhhh can’t believe it. Time is flyin. But holy cow, I love Erlangen and I love bein a missionary!!!

Have a great week, and know that I love you all! The church is true and mission’s are 10/10!!!

all my luv from Deutschland,,,,,,

Sister Anderson 🙂
1. Bridge pic yesterday! Fun fact: here I’m wearing 5 layers and foot/hand warmers and 2 pr of tights aaaaand it’s May. Also in this pic I’m packing around a little hot schnitzel in my bag from a member appt they insisted we take right before hahaha. Noooow I realize why I got attacked by a dog right after
2. Another day, another bridge!
3. Only a small part of our fruit tea collection lolol. These things are insane good.



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