Sister Ash

This has been quite a week. For starters, on Friday we had a lesson with Sunny. And he had a TON of questions, all super deep, which is great, but he’s telling us that he’s getting answers from meditating but doesn’t know if they’re coming from God. Anyway, I suddenly remember this Neal A. Maxwell quote about how in the economy of heaven, God won’t individually reveal to us what he’s already said in the scriptures. And I look over and sis Yeck has the SAME talk pulled up, that she had studied that morning??? Coolest moment.

Then the other day we had an appt fall out and we were so bummed, and as we were coming back we saw this huge pink apt building and we both feel like we should door it. The very first one we tried was this super funny guy (also from India) named Arulsamy. He was way interested, so last night we had a lesson with him and brought president Aurus’ wife, Andrea, and had the BEST lesson!!!!! The spirit was so strong and he committed to read in the BOM before a our next lesson. Safa is doing good, we had her over for FHE again this week. She is dreading transfers, as are we :((( We will find out on Tuesday about transfers.

I love the savior. I love our heavenly father and I know this plan is all real!

All my love,

Sister Ash



More Good Times in Erlangen!

Hello, hello! Greetings from Germany! This week was again, so fast. Holy cow. It was cold starting out, but warmed up finally yesterday and was BEAUTIFUL so I cannot complain there ! Good times were had this week. The Templetons in our ward (young American fam, Ashleys family) finally got to move out of their hotel and into a brand new huge apartment! They were so pumped and asked if we would help them with the kids/unpacking and everything, so we did that for a while on Friday and it was sooo fun- She made us dinner and we had a good time speaking English and unpacking, it was just us and their little fam, we felt like we were playing house! we gave a quick restoration lesson, it was a good day. 🙂

On Saturday we went out to this town called Dechstendorf to go finding/dooring and holy cow, literally park City/Provo Canyon. I should’ve taken more/any pics there but wow it was the coolest place ever, so warm, trails all over the places and seriously the coolest little houses. But, we got out there and both of us pretty soon just felt like it wasn’t where we should be, and that we needed to go back to Erlangen. So we headed back, and on the bus ended up meeting the sweetest little Indian family ever that was totally interested and so darling so that was a good day after all:)) weird how that goes sometimes.

We taught some good lessons, some not as good ones hahah. Hard with people who are just curious and not interested in really finding an answer. But we did have a lesson with Leoni last night, and the whole family was there again and it went SO good! We taught the restoration and made a cute lil chart for them to track their prayer and scriptures this week. Cutest fam in the world, and I’m so excited for them.

Well, I love you all tons and hope you’re all doing good!! Email me anytime, I love hearing about everything!! Everyone have a fab weekend, and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

All my luv,,,,,,,

Sister Anderson :)))



3 Months!!!

Hello all!!
This week was insanely fast, again. Geez. Time is cruising and I can’t quite believe it- I hit my three month mark on Monday and it feels like I got here yesterday. WEIRD. It was rainy and freezing and humid basically the whole week, and we did a ton of finding buuuut we had a good time. Not to mention we saw some serious miracles. :’)
Probably the highlight of my week though was last night. There is this cute little fam in our ward and they’re newly active, and they have a 10 yr old girl that isn’t baptized. Anyway we had a lesson with their family last night and it went SO good. Sometimes their 3 little kids are a little crazy, but literally the spirit was there so strong and they all just listened and were absolutely darling. Anyway, she was so excited and we have a baptismal date set for June 3!!!!!!! SUCH a good night.
Also this girl from Iraq that we couldn’t teach because she was in a Refugee camp ran unto us this week and told us that her fam got chosen to get a HOUSE! It was a crazy miracle and they were soo excited to tell us. They are a darling family and we are so pumped.
Well l, hope you’re all doing good, and I looove hearing from ya! Email me all u want, there’s nothing better :))) let me know if I can do anything for u guys! Also, it’s almost mothers day !!!!!!! Ahhhhhh can’t believe it. Time is flyin. But holy cow, I love Erlangen and I love bein a missionary!!!

Have a great week, and know that I love you all! The church is true and mission’s are 10/10!!!

all my luv from Deutschland,,,,,,

Sister Anderson 🙂
1. Bridge pic yesterday! Fun fact: here I’m wearing 5 layers and foot/hand warmers and 2 pr of tights aaaaand it’s May. Also in this pic I’m packing around a little hot schnitzel in my bag from a member appt they insisted we take right before hahaha. Noooow I realize why I got attacked by a dog right after
2. Another day, another bridge!
3. Only a small part of our fruit tea collection lolol. These things are insane good.