Hallo from the Missionaren!

Another crazy fast week, holy cowww. Still rainy and cold for the most part but we saw a little sun! We had stake conference this weekend and Elder Sabin from our area presidency came, and they were incredible. (The one who spoke in conference about the scout not wanting to unroll his sleeping bag.) The adult session was Saturday at our church in Erlangen, so afterwards President stayed and we had our interviews w/him, and got our PACKAGES!!! AHH best day ever. Thank you thank you!!! :)) Sunday was about 45 minutes away in Bamberg. One of the ward mission leaders in Bamberg had legit 5000 cards made to pass out to advertise this thing, so we had gone up there on Friday and walked around the whooole city passing them out hahaha. Who knows if it worked, but they had it in a huge concert hall, and the whole thing was full, and translated to English so that was nice.

Monday we met with our new District for the first time which was fab, then went to Herzogen Aurach for the day (where Adidas HQ is). Lately we have been teaching a ton of men which is great, but have been really praying to find a woman to teach. We got to Herzo and there weren’t a ton of people out but we ran into these girls on the street and I start talking to them in German and they’re like “aaah sorry we only speak English!” And I’m like SAME. They’re from Canada and are here working for a year and are SO darling. We have an apt with them this week and I could not be more pumped. And we met a cute girl from China who is a potential now, as well as this darling girl on the way home, she’s from Iraq, she and her mom came to the church last night for English class, and want to come to church Sunday! Anyway, prayers were definitely answered this week! Hopefully now these actually go somewhere haha. Pray for us!

OK yesterday, cutest thing. We had been talking about member involvement in our studies, and me and sis Yeck read the story about Gma and Gpa Shelline from Richard Peterson’s book, and so I had already been thinking about both of them a lot. Then we had a lunch with the cutest couple so we decided we’d share it with them. They’re a little older, so cute. We had lunch and Eis (ice cream) and shared a little thought about member missionary work and we had this awesome discussion about members’ examples, and they told us they’re starting their mission papers!! Anyway we’re leaving and what does he give us? a SHOE HORN. :’) Germans love those things, and he just died when he heard we didn’t have our own. Anyway the whole thing made me think of Gpa soooo much, it was so neat. :)) good day, for sure.

I hope you’re all doing good! If there’s anything else you’re dying to know…. ask away! I never know what to write about lol. But things are soo good in Erlangen and I really do love bein ein Missionaren 🙂

Love you all, the church is true!!!!!!!!

Good read if you have time: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/1993/10/the-lords-wind?lang=eng#p30
1) Cool church in Herzogen
2) Bus stop on our one day of sunshine 🙂




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