Hi From Erlangen

Family!!!!! How are you all???
This week was so good! Thursday we had the chastity lesson with Sunny, and it went good! Hahaha he is pretty quiet and gets uncomfy with like, anything so we made it pretty quick. His baptism is on Saturday! We are so excited. Its been a crazy week trying to put his baptism together, it’s spring break this week so NO ONE is here/going to be here, and Sunny speaks like zero german, and didnt really have any preference who did anything for the program (luckily lol) and our GML (ward mish leaders) the Zinks (more on them later hahaha- funniest little couple ever) are out of town for 3 weeks. So we’ve been madly trying to find English speaking members that will be around to fill the program, and we finally did it! Im playing the piano, and pullin out the ol “Ill go where you want me to Go” for the musical number hahaha. Tonight is his interview, then well be good to go. Stay tuned!! mainly, PRAY.
Saturday was awesome, we had a street display and it was SO good. We’ve helped other areas with theirs before, but this time was so fun bc it was in our area. It was sunny, there were a ton of people out shopping and eating ice cream, and we set up a ton of appts from it! Basically we just chase people down and show them the Easter vid, ask them questions, get their phone numbers. it’s great. Weve already taught a few really good lessons from people we met out there. And I talked to a ton of cool Indians, that always makes me so happy hahaha. Were teaching these two way cool middle eastern guys, one german one english. More on them hopefully this week.
Honestly I think the hardest thing this week has been just kind of feeling like I don’t contribute anything to my companionship. Yesterday I was just so down, I feel like I want to do more, but Its so hard in lessons and on the street to know what anyone is saying, let alone what to say back, how to phrase it. And that I dont know the members very well still, dont know which buses go where, things like that. I feel bad that Sister Yeck has to do so much. She is so patient and sweet and fun and I literally love her. I just feel bad, I depend on her SO much. But i guess its good, its humbling me, a LOOOT. and pushing me to learn the language haaa. Just frustrating. 😦
Really though, I love it here. and I have NO doubt that this is where I am supposed to be serving!!! I am happier than I ever thought I could be, this month has flown by. People are like “the days are long, the weeks are short” something like that, im like NOPE its all short hahaha. anyway. I literally love it here.
Well, I miss you all so much! I hope youre all doing good, I LOVE hearing from you! So email me all the time! Short, long, spiritual, funny, I dont even care a little bit!!!!!!!!
Just know that I LOVE and pray for you all all the time. The church is true!!!!!

ALL my love from Deutschland!!!!
Sister Ash
1. pretty trails! the best for finding :))
2. we always say how we want to go out for a real sit down dinner, so we were out finding by the Adidas HQ, saw this italian place and we WENT FOR IT. this is me spending too much money on fish and mineralwasser. (Dad ur salmon is way better) but we had a good time 🙂
3. our church 🙂



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