Easter, Snow, Baptisms!

Family!! Hi! How is everyone??? Wow so much this week hahaha. It was so fun to hear from some 😉 of you this week, I hope everyone is doin good.

Ok, the big news this week…. Sunny is GETAUFT! (baptized!!) Saturday was incredible, holy cow. The spirit was sooo strong, he was so happy. The baptisim was at our stake center out in Nurmburg but a ton of members still showed up which was so good. The program was in English, but the whole thing was translated. We made swig & choc chip cookies, the ward brought tons of food and wanted to just stay and chat with him forever so we got some good translating practice. :)) But the whole day, he was just beaming. Sunday (Easter!) he was confirmed in sacrament meeting, and it was so sweet bc he asked elder Draper to do it, and it was his last sunday before he went home. The spirit was SO strong. Afterwards he even got invited to a meal appointment with a member family :)) The ward really likes him (which is unusual bc our ward is all german and all pretty old). Anyway. It went so good, and we have our first Neubekehr lesson with him tonight!. Exciting times.

Ok, so I learned anything this week it is that Germans do noooot mess around with their holidays. They literally celebrate Easter from Friday through Monday- not like, taking work off for Good Friday, but like, life SHUTS DOWN. Nothinggg is open, no one is outside, and they are legit angry if you try to bug them at home/call them/talk to them. Gotta love it. But we’ve done a lot of finding this week, and its been fun! We found the sweetest muslim family in the world yesterday and they invited us in and we taught the whole Restoration lesson and are going back this week. I love our area, its so huge, so pretty.
I cant believe our first transfer is over, time has seriously FLOWN. Elder Draper went home so we now have a new elder in our ward and hes brand new! I was in the MTC w/him for a couple days. He got here yesterday so Im no longer the greenie in the ward lol. Yay! Only complaint is that its winter again hahaha but hopefully that doesnt last long. Anyway, sorry this email is so all over the place! Life is so good out here. I stinking love being a missionary! Everyone have a great day and week and email me as much as u want!!!!!!!!! Love you all!

Sister Ash

1: Baptism: Andy (member from Erlangen ward) and Sunny.
2: Sis. Peterson (Dallon Peterson’s cousin :))
3: Last DDM of the transfer



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