Anotha One Down!!

Hallo! How was everyone’s week?? It sounds like it was a killer #springbreak for everyone!!! How did y’all like conference??? They broadcast it to the church in German in the chapel, English in the RS room, some members were there but mostly they just watch it at home haha. We switched off between english and german with the members but ended up watching it mostly in English with the other missionaries haha. SO many good talks!!!! I loved the first talk from the womens session about “leaning not” to our own understanding, and staying centered in Christ. I also loved Elder Rasbands talk about following the FIRST promptings of the spirit, I felt he was talking directly to a certain missionary who is a little bit scared some days to open her mouth and speak a language she doesnt know to strangers on a bus !!! But overall the spirit was just so strong through the whole thing, and it was such a cool experience knowing that you were all watching it at the same time. My bucket is full. πŸ™‚

Sunny had a final on Tuesday that he had to study for, but he watched some of it from home and looved it, especially the music πŸ™‚ hes doing way good, pretty stressed w/finals but pumped for the baptism. This week we taught him about tithing/fasting, and it went really good! We have this way cool trendy guy named Jerome in our ward that just got home from his mish in Italy- super nice, perfect english- so we brought him to our last lesson with Sunny and they totally hit it off and it helped so much to have him there. So we’re excited that hes making some wardie friends! Tonight we are teaching him the law of Chastity !! Not too worried, but pray 4 us anyway hahaha.

Funny German things !
– they dont kill bugs, and talking about guns/killing animals/hunting/anything is like totally taboo
-they dont make beds like normal! they have the fitted sheet, and a quilt that u just fold in half on the bed sideways. kinda nice haha.
-they eat cough drops like candy, literally

Sorry, I’ll think of better stuff next week lolol. but otherwise, Germany is RAD.

ok this email is all over the place, but I love you all so much! I hope everyone is doing good, email me anytime, I LOVE hearing from u all!!!
have a fab week!!!

ALL my love!
Sister Anderson



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