“You say it best when you say nothing at all” -@my German

AY how is everyone???????? Thanks for all your emails, they literally made my week!!! Send those anytime, there is truly nothing better than getting to the church/wifi somewhere and having notifications hahaha. So thanks for your love!!!!!!

This week was beautiful, it has been so warm and sunny this week which has rocked my world. Also Germany has daylight savings apparently, and that was Monday. who knew! My comp and I both have like, Pnemonia hahaha we sound awful but besides that life is good over here! AND to top it all off, we played soccer for pday!! (see vid)

Sunny: doing great. He’s coming to conf this weekend, and is so excited for his baptism. We’re trying to help him make some more friends in the ward, but it’s kind of hard where so few people speak English. But he goes to Institute and loves that. Also the CUTEST American fam moved into the ward this week, they have two young kids and their little girl is named Ashley!!! I sat by her on Sunday and told her that was my name and now we are pals haha. she is seriously darling. Ill send pics next week. We had some way fun member appts this week, including TACOS with a cool fam from the ward (Mexican food is not easy to come by here). We also met with a lady that was baptized recently and she invited her two refugee neighbors from Iran that had SO many questions and were so cool!!! We gave them the restoration lesson and it was great. We had some good lessons in German, given mostly by Sis Yeck but I tried my hardest haha. Lots of finding, which I am actually getting bettter at! Any sunny day we have we WORK the huge park/Botanical Gardens right by us and its great. Lots of college students, most of them will talk to us, its awesome. BUT its hard bc theyre way interested, ask questions, take a BOM, and theyre like “oh im in the middle of finals and then im moving”. DANG. but we’re working hard and things are good.

Other fun things this week:
-first zone conference! SO fun, got me PUMPED for the new Easter Initiative!!! 10/10 day.
-While we’re not technically biking sisters (we’re walk/bus/bahn sisters) this week we got my bike fixed and tomorrow we’re buying one 4 sis Yeck and THEN we can be bike-the-h*ck-through-Erlangen sisters!!! whooo!
-Taught Seminary in german! About Stephen/Saul! Yeah i dont think they got much out of that day, but also there were only 3 of them there. so the damage was minimal.
-Taught an English class for some ward members. way good.
-Helped put on a member-mission-conf thing for all the Ward Mission Leaders in the stake/stake pres/Mish pres put on by our ward mission leader on Saturday which was cool. Apparently the last *German FAMILY* to be baptized together was like 40 years ago. Sis Yeck and I are comitted to breaking that streak hahaha so now EVERY single mom with a stroller, kids, anything, we like chase down hahaha. I’ll keep you posted there
-Germany is beautiful and I am in LOVE with it here. my pics dont do it justice but literally I am in love with this place and these people!!!!

This email got really long, sorry! But I LOVE and MISS you all and looooove hearing from you! email me anytime! pics, stories, I love it all, and if you stop and ask yourself if its too soon to email again? the answer is no 🙂

Have a great week, email me if youre around, but know Im thinking of and praying for you all!!

Sister Anderson 🙂

Fusbal candid with some of our district

Post German-Seminary haha

Blurry pic taken from a bus somewhere

Back porch selfie ft. my new skirt hahaha!

Wore through a jumprope hahahaha OOPS
5: IMG_2199P324032520170325_184129P3270343IMG_2192


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