Politzei and Sunny!!!

Family! Hello!!!!! How is everyone???? K first of all everyones weekly stats killed me hahaha. Keep those a comin, any time u want. Ill see what i can do for mine !:

% of words I understood: <15
Times I almost peed my pants bc Europe has no bathrooms: 3+
Exchanges: 1 (I spent the night in Nuremburg with our STL sis Marchant and it was sooo fun!!!!!!!!)
Doors knocked: tons
Had the cops called on us: yes :))
Rained: lots
native Germans who want to talk to us: 1/10,000
Muslims who want to talk to us: idk but more than the germans ! πŸ˜‰
Coke zero: 6+ liters
Member meals: 2 and they were SO good
BAPTISMAL DATES SET: 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, Sunny our amazing investigator has a baptismal date set for the day before Easter, April 15th!!! We are so pumped, he is the coolest. We had our lesson with him last week and we brought this cool member named Andy who is around the same age (20s) and he told his conversion story at the end. And right when he finished and we were about to extend the invitation, Sunny is like, “So, when can I be baptized..?” it was great. AND for the first time ever, he stayed for all three hours of church on sunday! He is so excited and we are equally stoked. So keep him in your prayers and I will keep you posted there :))

Sunday was great, I bore my testimony/introducced myself in sacrament mtg and it went really good, i think lol. The ward is way nice, even if they are so hard to understand πŸ™‚ afterwards we had the BEST member meal with the Bruder family. Theyre prob in their fifties, but they live in the prettiest little woodsy house. He’s a high up in Siemens, the big company that like everyone in the ward works for here lol. But they made us amazingggggg homemade pizza, and we had a good lesson with them afterwards. Turns out he is the Patriarch and she is the stake RS president. Not bad. Anyway, best sunday. Tuesday night I went on an exchange with our STL sis Marchant and we had a way good time, we did some serious finding and had a blast, as well as another way fun lunch with a cute young member couple- he is the stake YM pres so we had fun comparing ur callings @ mom πŸ˜‰

k STORY time- on sunday we had this kind of crazy lady from the ward come up to us saying that she wanted to go finding with us this week. So we’re like…. ok sure. So we go out, its freezing, rainy, no one is really home lol. And anytime someone is, she like, screams at them lol. we were quite the sight I have no doubt. anyway, this lady sees us out the window and yells something at us, so we skip her and go to her neighbors. It ends up being this old guy in a bathrobe, and we can literally see the smoke in his apt its so strong. Buuut he invites us in! So were in there chatting annnnd…. the police show up πŸ™‚ Apparently the lady called the cops (Politzei) on us hahaha. But our guy vouched for us and they left, and the elders have a follow up apt with him next week. So weird hahaha.

So much has happened this week hahah its hard to get it all down, so I apologize. If u have quesstions, ask away;) But I seriously love it here, and it has been such a fun week. I love sister Yeck and honestly there is no place I would rather be! If youre around I would loooove to hear from you all. Send pics, send stories, everything! Otherwise, have a great week, email me whenever, and know that I am thinking of and praying for all you guys, all the time!!!!!!!!!!!

Love u all sooo much!!!

Sister Anderson πŸ™‚

1. christmas tree farm!
2. view from the Nuremburg sisters apt
3. walking 40 min to get our bikes fixed and the tire falls off hahaha.
4. sis Green bringing us more Dew at District Mtg :’) (yes thats a 24 pack)
5. rain!/exchanges



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