Hullo !!!

Family & Friends!!!!! How are you all??? Thanks for the emails, there is nothing better than hearing from you!!!!
This week fleww by. Last wednesday we did a session right after I talked to you (the lady in the witness couple passed out, they stopped the session, it was nuts). But the spirit was incredible and we had such a good afternoon!! Afterwards a lady stopped us in the parking lot and just starting bawling. I guess her daughter has her call and doesn’t know if she wants to go anymore. It was sad but it made us actually feel kind of lucky to have made it this far! We’re ON missions! We definitely needed that. It was cool.

On Sunday the MTC president came to our sacrament mtg, and after the sacrament I got randomly called on to come bear my testimony on the atonement, in German. so that was fun for everyone. 🙂 Literally wasnt nervous though because he couldnt understand a word I was saying anyway hahah. (nor could anyone that speaks german :/) oh well. This week weve been going to aerobics classes in the mornings and its been so fun. they start at 6 and literally no one else goes to them most of the time so its just me, Sis Schellenberg and the instructor. Shes like our Gwen hahahahah.
Anyway, for the real news….. the new Sisters get here tonight!!! Theyll be here for 9 weeks learning Armenian and Georgian so we are feeling better about life every minute. these STLs will finally have someone to T/L!!!

Yesterday was my halfway MTC mark which kind of means nothing, but time is going by pretty fast. Really my only complaint is that I can never fall asleep, thats getting old and its sooo hard to focus in class when my whole body is just exhausted :((( And its so hard to teach fake investigators… From teaching a water bottle to teaching our teacher who is pretending to be an investigator, to teaching another missionary who is pretending to be our teacher as the pretend investigator, its so frustrating sometimes. Yesterday we had to do the last one THREE TIMES in a row because it “wasn’t personal enough” hahaha. ( I wonder why???) we both wanted to cry/fall asleep/run away. Not saying i have a better solution, but I’m definitely excited to teach some real Germans!!! 🙂

Besides that things are good. I miss you all a ton! I love hearing from you and Im sorry if my replies are sometimes short and lame, I’ll have more time in the field, but they seriously help SO much and I love hearing whats going on with everyone. But just know that I LOVE you all and I’m thinking of you and praying for you mucho! Das Evangelium wahr ist!
LOVE, Sister Anderson

1&2: Pday!
3: Sunday temple walk, the elders get pumped when its bad weather so they can wear their “GQ Look”
4. pretty sunset w/sis Schell



Another One Down


First of all I can’t say thank you enough for the packages and notes and emails. They seriously help more than you know hahaha. I taped up all your notes around my room and its so much brighter and makes me so happy 🙂 Yesterday I got called over the loudspeaker of our building to report to the security office immediately. All the elders were freaking out and I was even a little confused hahah. But then I got there and it was just Bob with the down comforter for me hahahah. He is a life saver and I love seeing him around. So thanks 🙂

Sunday was kinda rough but I was so excited when our devotional turned out to be (President) Kelly Mills!!!!! His talk was fantastic and was just what I needed to hear. Then last night I sang in the choir for our devotional by M. RUSSELL BALLARD!!! It was broadcast to all the other MTCs and honestly the spirit there was incredible. He spoke about having a good attitude and setting goals, it was an amazing talk.

Classes are hard, but the German is coming… slowly. Yesterday I gave the whole Plan of Salvation lesson and it was only like 5 minutes but its a start! We try not to go crazy while we’re in class for 9 hours a day, luckily the elders keep it light. My district at least, the other district makes me want to rip my hair out 🙂 Our branch president and his wife are SO COOL they’re pretty young, billionaires probably, from alpine. They were mission presidents in Georgia and honestly so cool. I’ll send pics of them next week. And we get two sisters in our branch next wednesday! Sisters!!! Roomates!!!

I miss you guys and some days are hard but I can honestly feel your prayers and support! Two weeks down already!

Love you all soooo much!!!
Schwester Anderson



I can’t believe I’ve already been on a mission for 4 months and its SPRING! crazy! How are you all??? Thank you so much for the letters, emails, pictures, you are all soooo sweet and they made my week. And thank you mom for the COOKIES!!! Ahh, I was soooo excited to get a package and they smell like home :’) Not to mention that the food here is every bit as bad as its hyped up (down?) to be (salads are safe and there’s caffiene free diet coke, but thats about it. if nothing else I’m eating way healthy hahah) but homemade cookies were not a bad way to start the day!!!!!
Where to even begin?? The MTC is another world but I love it. There are sooo many rules, and everything starts and ends with “exact obedience!!” (I chewed gum during a fast sunday devotional and felt so bad hahah) Every day I find out about some new rule that I’ve been breaking w/o knowing it but I’m trying lol. The spirit is so strong here. Last night I got to sing in the MTC choir for our devotional and it was awesome! Brother Egget (I think he was Lauren’s LDC director?) is the choir director and he is the coolest. The opening song was “Armies of Helaman” and I lost it when we sang “and WE ARE NOW the Lord’s missionaries”, it was incredible. My district/zone are both great, and despite being the only sisters we have such a good time. There are two Elders who are seriously Landon/Jordan Erickson and they keep it so real and ultimately keep us from going insane. We spend 6 hours a day in class, and about 3 hours studying, so its a loooooot! But I’m learning a lot and I’m getting a little more confident every day. w/a ton of help from Sister Schellenberg. 🙂 German is SO HARD hahahah every single word is so long and they talk so fast, it wears me out. Our teachers teach by immersion which is an adventure and we’re not allowed to pray/sing hymns in English, ever. So you can guess how that goes! Luckily we have an hour of gym time every day!! You don’t have to be with your companion the whole time so I just go for it on the track upstairs and its my favorite part of the day. :’)
Funny story- So on Thursday we went to go schedule an audition for a musical number, so we go to the MTC main offices and we ask when to come back and the lady is like, “oh youre just in time theres one left!” and we’re like SWEET when? and it was in 3 minutes, in front of all the MTC presidency’s wives, and my music was back in our room. :/ So Sister Schellenberg and I SPRINTED back to our room, up four flights of stairs and back across to the offices just in time. They loooved it and were so sweet. I played on monday for all the Senior Missionaries that just got here and it went so good!! Now they all stop me in the cafeteria to chat and I absolutely love it, they remind me of grandma and grandpa Shelline and it pretty much always make me want to cry 🙂
I can talk until like 1:50 and would LOVE To hear from you all!!!!!! Whats going on?? Seriously email me whenever because I can read them anytime and it makes me sooooo happy. even if its just little things, send it all. I literally do not care 🙂 Also my bedding is nasty so I wouldn’t turn down a quilt/blanket/anything. and oatmeal. and bottled dew.
MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH. fwd this to Libby and Collin. I’ll send pics in a second. But know that I love and miss you all! and even though some days are super tough, there’s no place I would rather be. :))

All my love!!!!!
Sister Anderson